Does YOUR money bring home the BACON?


Investing requires a significant amount of expertise and precision. You have to time the market just right and you have to know the emerging trends. I do not know about you but I did not predict the oil market going down like Humpty Dumpty and I sure as heck do not know when it will come up.

This is why we have guys in fancy suits and fancier cars taking commissions to place our money in all sorts of places like mutual funds, real estate, and even art.

I hope that this strategy is working well for you and your money is producing a great return so you do not have to work so hard.

One of my friends taught me that there are only three things that go to work:

  1.  Your Time
  2. Your Talent
  3. Your Money

I am sure when you are at work, they expect your TIME and your TALENT. If you are a business owner, you now have the privilege of also having your MONEY also go to work with you. The problem starts when your bank account starts to get HEALTHY but your money starts to take risky journeys. I do not want my CASH to buy a ticket on the TITANIC but we do not know what is going to happen. None of us do. The financial pundits at news channels have no problem EXPLAINING what happened in the markets but cannot predict the market performance tomorrow. It is hard to wrong when you report the past. So how do people like you and I figure out where to put our money so it can work for us. Well what about keeping it SIMPLE?

Now what does help is making short-term INVESTMENTS and LOANS where we can feel the pulse of our money. If you have any idea about companies that give small cash loans for short amounts of time to people with jobs – you may have heard that they do just fine. (You know the ones that have rates so high you might think you were dealing with the mob). The other institutions that give out loans are called BANKS and they do pretty good as well. Investment may be risky but being the BANK could feel a little different. So I created a company that makes you the BANK with a SET RETURN of INTEREST that is PAID MONTHLY and funds local projects that you can visit, touch and feel.

Your MONEY takes a trip with me but it is not going to Wall Street or Bay Street but in your own neck of the woods with people you can call and connect with. It is also short-term so you know when it is coming back HOME. I know some of you may be thinking, I cannot AFFORD to lose this money so I will not release it from my BANK account. I know money is not like a food that will go bad in a bank account but there is something like inflation that is constantly robbing your money of its VALUE.

You know this already. Your grocery bill, your property taxes, your costs for employees all go up. The million dollars you have in your bank account could buy a MANSION ten years ago but barely buy you a decent house today. The reality is that you cannot afford NOT to invest. Most people also wonder where will the MONEY go?? It will arrive in a Real Estate cash flow project in Edmonton and area and it will help construct and build property to rent or sell. I will not start constructing on the property until we have an EXIT strategy ready for your money through pre-sales or pre-leasing.

We can only accept a limited amount and you must apply to be part of our INVESTOR CIRCLE. We do not have a lot of room in our project and we are also limited for time. Many people cannot figure out how we create this level of return and when you call me I will OPENLY share the mechanics and explain this to clear the FOG.

The details as I promised earlier are simple so I can lay them out right now. So here is how it works:

  1. For each $100,000 invested, Heritage Valley Capital will issue you shares.
  2. You will receive a return of 15% per annum, paid monthly.
  3. Two years later you get your money back.

This investment is one in a private company and as such the nature of it is considered very risky but newspapers like the Vancouver Sun will regularly remind us that Stocks and mutual funds have a gambling component to them (June 2010) . Goldman – Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and the tone of Wall Street has consistently created uncertainty about what will happen with our money. As a professional you are constantly being pulled in 15 directions at once. Chances are there are a lot of areas of your life that are not getting the time and attention they deserve and because of that, opportunities are passing you by.

If you are interested in creating more time and leveraging your money with a consistent return of 15% every year that arrives at your doorstep as regularly as your credit card bill then pick up the phone and call me, Ed from Heritage Valley Capital at 780-913- 2155. Either way, it’s about creating additional income-streams and EVERYONE should be doing it. It is time your money brought home the bacon.