Our goal is to provide above market exceptional rate of returns for our investment partners. We provide these returns through estate development projects and cash flow products.


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Heritage Valley Capital

Heritage Valley Capital aims to provide sophisticated investors with equity based opportunities that produce both variable and fixed rates of return. We also assist clients in investing in cash flow opportunities.

We scout properties that are exceptionally desirable and all cash flow or equity based investments have strategically placed exit strategies to minimize risk and maximize rate of return. We secure or construct, manage and ultimately sell these properties for a substantial profit. We can work together to bring your dreams of investing to new heights.

To see an overview and history of all complete and in progress Heritage Valley Capital projects click here.




We have developed and own real estate projects in the commercial and residential arena that included the following scope:


  • Land acquisition and associated due diligence management of geotechnical and environmental concerns.
  • Architectural design that included consulting with end users in the market and aligning it with an exit strategy. This is highly crucial in achieving the best ratio of presales. This includes adding uniqueness to designs such as fiber Internet; underground parking; etc.
  • Managing the construction process including review and award of construction contracts.
  • Creating necessary legal contracts protecting the interests of our investment and management partners for yield and risk.
  • Engagement of high-performance marketing strategies to manage timelines and stay aligned with the Proforma. This ensures that the velocity of the project is maintained and stays relevant to the business cycle of the local economy.
  • Management of accounting for tax and income reporting purposes.
  • Relationship management with end users to achieve satisfied clients in commercial and residential markets.

We have spent decades in this industry and have seen various business cycles and built a solid network. We strongly believe in balancing speed and maximizing rates of return for our investment partners.

Set Return Product
Equity Based Product


Manjit Gauba has been involved in real estate since 2001.  His focus has been on acquiring, developing and repositioning assets.  He has completed several commercial developments in Edmonton from land acquisition to final exit.  His ventures include retail-commercial strip malls, apartments buildings and private mortgages. In addition to his real estate accomplishments, Manjit has also completed his formal education with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.  He resides in Edmonton, is married, and is a father of two boys.




Ed is a tremendously successful entrepreneur and real estate professional, and is the co-founder of Heritage Valley Capital. Ed has been actively working in the Edmonton real estate industry for over 25 years, he has been involved in many successful residential and commercial real estate ventures. Ed has a vast array of business experience including the hospitality industry, franchise businesses, consulting, project management and real estate development. His current portfolio includes Carl’s Jr. restaurants and various commercial real estate developments in Western Canada. Ed has an extensive network of business professionals, investors and advisors. Ed brings considerable expertise, leadership and vision to Heritage Valley Capital. Ed resides in Edmonton, is married with two sons and enjoys automotive track days in his Porsches.



Ed & Manjit have been in the Real Estate sector for decades, developing commercial and multi-family Real Estate. Over the last 10 years, they have developed and successfully orchestrated exits from developments in excess of $100 Million. Their recent projects include Windermere Plaza and Plaza 167 in Edmonton. Market Evolution has initiated their creativity to start their Multi-Family Division in which they foresee developing 1000-2000 units in various economic and cultural hubs in Western Canada, such as Edmonton, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Victoria and Vancouver. This project is the start of assembling the right partnership for their future vision.



Our team at Heritage Valley Capital are progress-oriented investors with experience across a range of different economic sectors. We seek to invest in and partner with high quality businesses that have secure and defensible positions in the market. The types of businesses that we work with tend to possess the following characteristics

Exceptional, dedicated management teams

  • Management that is successful, ambitious and experienced and demonstrates deep insight in their industry.
  • Teams with ‘skin in the game’ investing alongside us.
  • Positive, strong corporate culture.

Industries with appealing fundamentals

  • Long term industry fundamentals that are compelling.
  • Minimal risk of disintermediation and obsolescence.
  • Relevant barriers to entry.
  • Appealing return on invested capital.

Companies with great venue and a potential for cash flow growth

  • Outpacing growth of industry revenue.
  • Operating margins that are healthy.
  • Opportunities to carry out operational initiatives with value

Differentiated businesses with global potential

  • Establish market leadership.
  • Intellectual property and secure brands.
  • Competitive advantages that presents the ability to endure material changes within the economic setting.
Investment Strategy
Investment Strategy
Managment Style
The Rule of 72


I have been a investment partner with Manjit and his company for many years. I have been paid regularly and my experience has been positive. The process has been easy and beneficial for me. I have nothing but good things to say!


Dr Raj Singh DC

Edmonton Chiropractor

I have been investing with Ed and Manjit now for 3 years. I am happy with my returns, I get regular updates and monthly dividends. I consider myself a savvy investor and don’t take unnecessary risks, I would highly recommend talking to them if you are looking for great returns and solid investment


Frank Luebke

Manluk Industries

I have partnered with Manjit and Ed with Heritage Valley Capital and I have found their offerings perfect for achieving a quality rate of return on my money.


Dr Ernest Li DC

Owner of Healthstar Chiropractic clinics in Edmonton and Beaumont






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